Mobile iOS and Andriod Development

Mobile and Tablet Hybrid App Development

We offer dual platform hybrid app development allowing us to target Android and Apple iOS devices from a single updatable code base. This cost effective approach allows your potential app to reach a wider audience without the need to choose which devices to target.

Our recent projects have worked with web enabled services allowing data capture and regular updates to app content, without the need to touch the code and resubmit to the app stores.

Mobile Web Development

Alternative solutions are to build responsive web apps, which run exactly like a website, but offer design orientated towards mobile and tablet users. These solutions also provide desktop solutions at the same time, targeting a broad device range.

Reach a Mobile Audience on the Move

With web service enabled platform apps and web apps, you are able to reach and engage with your audience on the move. Push Notification services allow you to instantly send messages to your users, and track the response. While local alerts allow you to set notifications and alarms on your users device. The potential to keep your users engage is constant.

GPS integration allows you to obtain the users location and return results specifically for them. With standard hardware available on mobile phones, there is more potential to create engaging applications.

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